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Meet our 2024 Vendors

Backyard Harvest

Forget the 100-mile diet. Urban farmer, Russ Ohrt, farms vegetables in backyards around the Locke Street neighbourhood and then shares the bounty each week at the market.

Instagram: @backyardharvestfarm
Facebook: @BackyardHarvestHamilton

Jerry’s Berries

As a local multi-generational family farm, Jerry’s Berries is one of the original farmers of the Locke Street Farmers’ Market. Owners Jerry and Glenda Bargeman are renowned with market patrons for their fresh, plump raspberries, famous raspberry freezer jam and honey!

Instagram: @jerriesberries
Facebook: @jerriesberries


Richardson’s Farm and Market

For farmers James and Kirsten Richardson, farming is a family affair. They grow a variety of fruits and vegetables (most notably strawberries and corn) and they boil their own maple syrup too.

Instagram: @richardsonsfarmandmarket 
Facebook: @RichardsonsFarm&Market

Concession Road Garden

At Concession Road Garden, we grow an assortment of native wildflowers, perennials, spring bulbs, and annual pollinator friendly cut flowers. We also grow a selection of vegetables and manage a modest Quince orchard. Our produce, fruit fresh flowers and dried flower wreaths are sold at our on-farm roadside stand, and at Flower and Farmer’s Markets in the region.

Instgram: @concessionroadgarden
Facebook: @concessionroadgarden

Escarpment Kombucha Co.

Escarpment Kombucha Co. is owned and operated by partners Drew and Robyn. We craft small-batch fermented tea from locally sourced, organic, and foraged ingredients out of The Kitchen Collective, a non-profit commercial kitchen on King St. E. in central Hamilton.  Year-round flavours include Blackberry Sumac, Blueberry Mint, Lemon Ginger, Raspberry Lavender and Sour Cherry Cedar, and we change it up each month with seasonal specials like Cranberry Spruce Tip and Rhubarb Rose.

Instagram: @escarpmentkombucha
Facebook: @escarpmentkombucha

Our Neighbourhood Dog Deli

Hilary and Jesse Chamberlin are a husband and wife team providing dehydrated dog treats, fresh snacks and raw food for our four legged friends.

Instagram: @ourneighbourhooddogdeli
Facebook: @ourneighbourhooddogdeli

Mountain Microgreens

Mountain Microgreens is a small, urban farm located on the Hamilton West Mountain.
Specialize in the growing, selling, and delivering of four different microgreen varieties including; pea,
sunflower, broccoli, and a crunchy mix (pea, sunflower, red radish).

Cat grass has also been added to the product lineup for your feline friend.

Instagram: @mountainmicrogreens_on
Facebook: @mountainmicrogreens

Casa Piñata

We are Casa Piñata, based in Hamilton, Ontario and make Mocktails, Tonics & Shrubs. Our mission is to redefine non-alcoholic beverages by challenging the notion that non-alcoholic options have to be mundane. With years of expertise garnered from the craft beverage industry, we’ve perfected our techniques to deliver unparalleled quality. Our mocktails blend old traditions with a modern twist, catering to both those who don’t drink and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Instagram: @casapiñata
Facebook: @CasaPiñ

Barrel Heart Brewing & Blending

We are a newer, boutique brewery based out of Dundas, specializing in barrel-aged saison, a Belgian-style of beer. Our beer is aged in local oak wine barrels, and then re-fermented to complete dryness on whole fruit from the Niagara region including cherries, plums and blackcurrants. 

Instagram: @barrelheartbrewing 
Facebook: @barrelheartbrewingblending